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Ladies and Gentlemen:  

The Vaccine Detox Guide is a resource for issues regarding vaccine, detox strategy and vaccine injury rehabilitation. We will present leading edge concepts on how to stimulate the detoxification of your body. We will post interviews and link to videos and articles covering these topics while discussing medical, alternative, and natural methods of detoxification. We will emphasize the advice that can be used by our audience with the recommendations that are affordable and can be implemented  and immediately.  


The toxic chemicals and heavy metals often associated to vaccine injury are:  

·         Mercury – (Thimerosal) associated to Autism 

·         Formaldehyde - associated to Embalming the Dead 

·         Aluminum - associated to Alzheimer’s 

·         Adjuvant - associated to Autoimmune Disorders
·         Squalene -  associated to Gulf War Syndrome  

·         And more…  


There is a simple undeniable truth regarding these substances… 



Anyone who says otherwise…is lying to themselves and lying to you!


Regardless of your level of agreement or disagreement with my point of view; you are here because you want to learn how to stimulate the detoxification of toxic chemicals and heavy metals from the body. I may not have all the answers personally, but I am confident that I can lead you to the people and information that provide solutions and recommendations that will make a difference in your quality of life.


By opening up one of the links to your left you will witness what may be a different point of view, a different philosophy or methodology than what is considered "traditional" medicine. Any doctor that is searching to find unique solutions for patients problems are pushing the status quo and revolutionizing the standard of care. These doctors are discovering and expanding upon unique methods of strengthening and healing the body. Some of these methods of healing the body are so amazing that it will likely redefine how the world views healing.


You and you alone are responsible for the decision of vaccination. Do not let someone else make that decision for you. I will do my best to present data showing the flawed vaccine theory and implementation. It is up to you to familiarize yourself with the issues regarding vaccination; investigate them for yourself and for your family. Don’t just repeat what I have have written or what some multi-national drug company has to say about the issues. Read everything for yourself. Know the truth in your heart  about vaccination by doing your own due diligence - research both sides of the issue. Encourage others to do the same. I will do my best to bundle information on this site so that you can see and access as much evidence from one place as possible. With a little bit of investigation you will find out that the vaccine issue is far greater than what has currently been labeled as the “Swine Flu”. The issuance of mandatory swine flu vaccination in certain US states demonstrates how vaccine law directly infringes on our personal right to choose and refuse anything that enters our body.


If we excuse those responsible for the intentional poisoning of our blood and the blood of our children, than we are a participant in their crimes. It is our duty to one another as human beings, to help each other, to warn and educate one another. Please tell everyone you know about these issues and this website. After all, it is only a matter of time before we are the target of the next vaccine. Please use our site as a data resource to share with your family and friends. Don’t let this wait another moment. Simply tell everyone visit our site .


Thank you,


Dr. George Gonzalez, D.C., QN

Chiropractor, Quantum Neurologist™